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Stephanie Khanukov Izrailov. Forunder.

Stephanie Khanukov-Izrailov

Stephanie Khanukov-Izrailov is the Founder of SK Learning Center. At a very young age, Stephanie determined that teaching the younger generation is exactly what she would spend her future doing. She began working with children at the age of 14 years old and decided to dedicate her profession in education. Stephanie accomplished her goal by receiving her Bachelors in Education, Special Education and Psychology however, she is currently continuing her studies by receiving her Masters in Bilingual Education and Early Intervention. Shortly, after she received her three Bachelor degrees she established SK Learning Center, a learning center for children. Stephanie says “Teaching has become my biggest passion and sharing this talent with the world is what I live for”. Working with children is her passion because she gets to educate the future of our world. SK Learning Center is special to Stephanie because while educating young children she is building bonds with each child individually and these bonds remain very special to her forever, making each child take a big place in her heart.


 Saba Chaudhry


Saba Chaudhry is the manager at SK Learning Center. Having completed her Bachelor's degree in Child and Youth Studies at Brooklyn College, Saba combines academic knowledge with over three years of hands-on experience working with children. With a focus on creating positive learning environments, she brings strong organizational skills and a commitment to excellence to SK Academy. As Saba likes to say, "In every child, there is a story waiting to unfold, and at SK Academy, we are here to nurture each chapter with care and curiosity." Her leadership skills and unwavering commitment to nurturing student development solidify her as a cornerstone in SK Academy's mission to deliver exceptional education.

Eiman Yousaf is a current student at Brooklyn College, pursuing her degree in Computer Science. With over five years of hands-on experience working with children, Eiman hopes to continue making a positive impact in their lives. Her technical expertise, combined with her passion for child development, allows her to bring a unique perspective to her work. Eiman is dedicated to creating enriching experiences for children, fostering both their intellectual and personal growth. SK Academy holds a special place in Eiman's heart. It is here that she discovered her passion for working with children and saw firsthand the profound impact a supportive and nurturing environment can have on a child's development.

Eiman Yousaf

Front-Desk Receptionist

Alisha Siddique Tutor SK Academy

Alisha Siddique / Tutor

Alisha Siddique is a tutor at SK Learning Center. Alisha is a first-year student at Kingsborough Community College. She plans on getting a bachelor's degree in Childhood Education so once she graduates she can fulfill her passion of becoming a teacher. Alisha has decided to pursue a career in teaching because she believes that education is the key to unlocking a child's full potential and shaping them into confident and compassionate individuals. Her objective has always been to help create education to be fun where students can discover their potentials. Alisha chose SK Learning Center because she believes it is a safe, versatile and comfortable environment for students to learn and shape their futures and aligns with what she believes in.

Alla Sergiienko- Russian / Arithmetic Math Teacher (Collaboration with Lightkeepers International LLC)

Alla is the Russian and arithmetic math teacher at SK Learning Center. She attended University in Ukraine and has a degree in teaching mental math and Russian foreign language. Alla has also worked as a Montessori teacher and an assistant director for camp. She chose to work with children because she loves to work with kids; helping them develop important skills and grow their knowledge. SK Learning Center is a special place to her because she is able to teach young children and watch them have fun while learning. 


Aylin Nizamaddinova - Counselor / Tutor

Aylin Nizamaddinova is a tutor and counselor at SK Learning Center. She is a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is majoring in Fashion Business Management and wants to become a fashion buyer. She began working as a tutor for kids in 2022. She has experience assisting grades K-8 with their homework assignments as well as work on improving their academic knowledge. She believes it is important for each student to receive proper help best suited to their needs. She chose to work with kids because it is a great chance to get involved in helping them learn basic skills and grow to become successful individuals. Seeing kids succeed will always bring her joy which is why she love's being a part of their journeys. SK Learning Center is special for her because it allows her to help children achieve their goals in a safe and respectful environment.

Aylin Nizamaddinova - Counselor Tutor SK Academy
Azan Half. Tutor Sk Academy.

Azan Hanif / Tutor 

Azan Hanif is a tutor at SK Learning Center. Being a second year student at Brooklyn College, he is determined to receive his B.A. in Mathematics Education (Grades 7-12). He began tutoring at the age of 16 within Manhattan and has plenty experience with homework help, statewide test prep, and regents prep. He was also an events server at The Rockaway Hotel where he helped manage children’s birthday parties, weddings, school proms, and other events. Azan tried to walk on the road of entrepreneurship and business, however stepped off because he had always enjoyed helping children. Azan's previous teachers meant a lot to him and he now strives to return that same positivity and individual growth to the future generations. Being a part of SK Learning Center will enable these actions and prepare him for his future classroom.

Evelyn Botvinnik / Tutor

Evelyn Botuinnik Tutor SK Academy

Evelyn Botvinnik is a tutor at SK Learning Center. She is currently a junior at Hunter college studying psychology to become a speech therapist. She has always had a passion for working with kids and would love to continue to do so in the future. She worked as a summer camp counselor and ensured that the kids were in a fun and safe environment at all times. She also volunteered in various occupational therapy centers where kids have cognitive, developmental, and functional delays and disabilities. Evelyn has made connections with the kids and provided continuous support during daily activities to enhance their learning and participation. Children are full of so much curiosity and creativity and she wants to be a part of their journey to help them grow. SK Learning Center is the perfect place for her to continue contributing to children's growth, forge meaningful connections, and deepen my understanding of their unique minds.

Fahmida Anima / Tutor

Fahmida is a tutor at SK Learning Center. She is a student at Brooklyn College, pursuing a degree in the STEM field. Growing up, she has always been surrounded by children and has held multiple babysitting jobs. Along the way, she has also taken up tutoring, mainly in the subjects of math and science. Fahmida finds working with children and being a part of their creative growth enjoyable. It is amazing to see them learn and challenge themselves from their perspective. SK Learning Center is special to her because it offers an opportunity to work in an environment where she can gain or improve skills in communication, organization, and empathy.

Logo Sk Academy
Katlynn Miranda Counselor SK Academy

Katlynn Miranda / Counselor

Katlynn Miranda is a counselor at SK Learning Center. She is currently completing her B.A in New York City Tech. Katlynn first began working with children back in 2019 as a swimming counselor. Since then seeing the joy and excitement kids always had walking into class warmed her heart. She believes being able to allow kids to enjoy their time while receiving an education at the same time is important. As well as allowing them to be able to learn in a matter that works best for each student. She has always wanted to help students to not feel alone as well as feel they can talk to her. SK Learning Center is special to her because she sees the bonds the students have with other counselors and hopes to create them as well. It is such a comforting environment where kids can achieve their goals in a respectful manner but also have some fun at the same time.

Laiba Khan- Tutor

Laiba is a tutor at SK Learning Center. Laiba currently attends Kingsborough community college, majoring in liberal arts. After pursuing her associates degree, she plans on attaining her bachelors at Brooklyn College to attain a profession in teaching. Laiba has multiple years of experience in tutoring. Some examples of her experience would be helping students with their homework, providing material to better students knowledge on subjects they may struggle on. Laiba chose to work with kids because she was once a struggling kid who needed help with multiple subjects but never received it. I want kids to know help is available and success is not as far as it seems.  SK Learning Center allows me to share my knowledge & experience with there given tools for students to have a great learning experience. 

Laiba Khan. Tutor SK Academy

Mina Levitis / Tutor

Mina Leuitis Tutor SK Academy

Mina Levitis is a tutor at SK Learning Center. Mina is currently studying Nursing at Kingsborough College and her goal is to continue her education in order to obtain Licensure as a Nurse Practitioner. Her experience with children started from an early age as she became the “designated babysitter” of her family and, not long afterward, of her neighborhood. She has always enjoyed working with children because she is able to connect to them and accommodate them in a way that ensures the child's comfort. Mina felt misunderstood by her own teachers as a child, so she had taken it upon herself to look into where these struggles stem from and she was able to overcome her adversities. Mina believes SK Learning Center is special to her because it gives her the opportunity to help students like herself as a child tackle their academic hardships and excel in their studies! 

Nathan Reder- Counselor / Tutor

Nathan Reder is a tutor and after-school counselor at SK Learning Center. He is a student at Brooklyn College and is a BA in Theater. At a young age, Nathan was a babysitter and private tutor for families in his neighborhood. He continued his passion in childcare at several summer camps in various positions, such as a counselor, lifeguard, cook, cabin leader, and department head. He has even taught a young adult summer program at NYU for basic coding and electronics. He feels his passion for learning and trying new things was discovered through his teachers and mentors early on in life and is hoping to ignite a similar passion in the students he assists. SK Learning Center is the best place where Nathan can teach kids and help them develop important skills. 

Nathan Reder- Counselor / Tutor

Nicole Osmolovskaya / Tutor

Nicole Osmolovskaya. Tutor Sk Academy

Nicole Osmolovskaya is a tutor at SK Learning Center. She is currently attending Brooklyn College, where she is double majoring in Music performance and Speech pathology. Nicole’s experience with kids started with simple one on one home tutoring and later advanced to summer camp jobs, where she looked over 15+ kids at a time. Nicole’s goal has always been to work with children no matter what field she ends up in and she hopes that one day after her studies she will be able to put her knowledge into helping kids advance their abilities. Building a connection with kids was always crucial to Nicole as it allows for her to understand each individual child and what she can do to help them grow, this is why she chose SK Learning Center. SK Learning Center allows for Nicole to gain a better understanding of children and how their minds work when put to a task, it’s amazing to see how much they can conquer when they are just provided with the right tools and motivation, and SK Learning Center provides them with all of that. 

Petek Donuk - Counselor / Tutor

Petek Donuk is an after school counselor and tutor at SK Learning Center. She is currently in her first year at the New York City College of Technology, where she is studying towards a degree in dental hygiene. Her ultimate goal is to utilize this education to establish a career as a pediatric dental hygienist. Petek gained valuable experience working with kids during a summer school program where she volunteered. This opportunity allowed her to assist in creating engaging activities, managing groups of children, and helping them with their individual needs. This rewarding experience deepened her passion for working with children. Working with kids brings so much joy and positivity into her life. Being able to make a positive impact in their lives and help them grow is incredibly fulfilling to her. SK Learning Center provides a focused and supportive environment for children's growth and development. She believes she will have the opportunity to make an impact on students' lives by helping them learn and succeed. In addition, she'll be part of a team that shares her passion for making a difference.

Petek Donuk Counselor AND Tutor SK ACADEMY

Ruslana Serikbayeva / Tutor

Lana Serikbayeva is a tutor at SK Learning Center. Lana attends City College of New York. She is currently majoring in Biology. Lana chose to work at SK Learning Center because she feels like

tutoring is a great way to teach and learn from kids. Lana has babysat in the past and had tutoring experience from high school. Lana feels that SK Learning Center is a special place for kids to gain confidence in themselves and grow academically.

Ruslana Serikbayeva Tutor SK Academy
Vivian Szeto. Tutor SK Academy

Vivian Szeto / Tutor 

Vivian Szeto is a tutor at SK Learning Center . Vivian attends Hunter College. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree while majoring in both early childhood education and English literature. Vivian wants to pursue a career in the educational field as a teacher. Since working with kids in high school, teaching young children has been a passion of hers. Vivian wants to make a difference in these kids' lives and build a connection with them. Vivian decided to work with children because, during her time at summer camp as a counselor, she was able to establish meaningful relationships with each child, which meant a lot to her. They have shown her how much she has impacted them and it has given Vivian more passion to pursue this field.Vivian believes SK Learning Center will give her the opportunity to build special connections with the children and provide them with the best learning experience. 

Youssef Hossani - Counselor/Tutor 

Youssef Hossani is a tutor and after school counselor at SK Learning Center. Youssef Hossani is currently studying in New York City College of Technology as an undergraduate. Youssef intends to pursue education as a full-time career, as his goal is to be a full time educator. Youssef has done babysitting jobs in the past that have given him the confidence to work with kids. The reason Youssef chose this path is because he loves teaching and being a positive role model. SK stood out to Youssef because of how great the community of workers is and how diverse and loving the academy is.


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